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Looking to build your nightclub business or open a full time comedy club??
We can help bring you something your competition doesn't have ...


Below you'll find some frequently asked questions and information:

Why should I do comedy shows?
The answer is simple. Stand up comedy is one of the hottest forms of live entertainment. You can use it to bring patrons in on a slow night or make an average night a packed house! Plus it sets you apart from the other bars in town by offering something besides a DJ, bands, or Karaoke. You can use comedy as a way to get crowds in, then have them stay all night with your DJ or karaoke afterwards.
Whether you want to do a weekly or monthly show series, or plan to open full time Laffs Express Comedy Club, you'll find this exciting form of entertainment is a great way to bring in customers and big profits! 

Why should I choose to use Charter Talent in my club?
We have over 1,000 comedians on file. Many of our comedians have appeared on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, BET, HBO, Howard Stern, and the syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show. We have the funniest comedians working today! We also have access to "Big Name" acts from LA & NY.

What will it cost?
Price depends on several things, including your location for routing and the night you want to do a comedy show. Since we book our comedians on tours, we are able to offer them more work and the venue lower prices. It's a win-win situation!

How long is a show?  Generally 90-100 minutes

How often should I do shows?  If you do not want to open a full time comedy club, than we suggest either once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly. This all depends on how big of a city you are in. The main thing is setting a schedule and sticking to it. This way customers will always know when the shows are. You can always add more shows as business grows (and it will). 

What does Charter Talent provide?
Each club in our network is supplied with our "tip sheets" on making comedy work. We have the promotional tools to make comedy a huge hit in your town. Plus we are easily accessible any time via phone or e mail to help you and your staff.  On top of that you also get the use of our brand name "Laffs Express Comedy Club" for your promotions and the full resources of this website.
The Best Reason to choose us is because of our successful track record. We are the fastest growing comedy club network in the country. Give us a call and we'll show you how it's done!


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