Laffs Express Comedy Clubs


If you want to hire a comedian for a college or high school event you have come to the right place! We book comedians for all kinds of student events. Hiring a comedian is easy with Charter Talent.

Is there a difference between hiring a comedian and booking a comedian? No. Booking a comedian and hiring a comedian are the same things.

We have over 1,000 comedians available for bookings at your high school or college campus. To hire a comedian here is the first step - Give us a call or send an e mail. Tell us the following:

*Date of event
*City/state where show will take place
*What kind of event this is

Once we get that information we can help you book a comedian for your school! When you hire a comedian through Laffs Express you will get a great comedian that can relate to the student body.

Why is it best to book a comedian? Because everyone loves to laugh. Whether it's a college campus event, lock in, post prom, graduation, or any other event ... Hiring a comedian can make the event a huge success.

We are ready to help you book a comedian! We will help you hire a comedian that fits your group, your budget, content/rating requirements, and is ready to perform in your area!

We make it easy to hire a college or high school comedian.

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